Clear Away Stress with this Chakra Toning Video

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Send LOVE & GRATITUDE to the energies of Mother Earth, and to the moon and the stars!

Use the energy of the Full Moon to rise above any negativity you may be feeling around you or from within. Now is NOT the time to go into fear. NOW is the time to beam as bright as you can and trust in the God of your own understanding to guide and support you!

I invite you to use the video above to help you clear away the stress and begin to shift your consciousness. I recorded it along the beach at night during one of our Super Moons last year. Allow the sound of the ocean and the sound of the bowl in the key of F (singing to the heart chakra) to clear away any ancestral pain or suffering. This, along with creating your own positive thoughts and vibrations, is the best medicine!



Find Clarity as your Energy Shifts ~ INTUITIVE INK Podcast

ClearSource Radio’s “Intuitive Ink” | Host: Servet Hasan
Guest: Shaman Isabella Stoloff | Duration: 10 Minutes
Get out of that karmic loop! Find clarity as your energy shifts…

Listen in as Shaman Isabella Stoloff joins host Servet Hasan on “Intuitive Ink”, explaining how life experiences guided her to shamanism (“a shaman is a conduit between the physical world and spiritual world”).  Isabella also takes calls from listeners.  Caller Megan – an intuitive – asks for clarity in her desire to shift away from taking on the energy of those she heals and transitioning to a new career.  Shaman Isabella assists over the air, performing a past life extraction and closing of portals in Megan’s home.  If you haven’t experienced an energy healing from Shaman Isabella, this is a great sample of her work. Tune in anytime!

Naturally Savvy Radio: Mastering Your Mind

Air Date: June 01, 2016 | Duration: 10 Minutes
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH

Did you know that your old beliefs can be a huge hurdle in living a happy and healthy life? Past experiences can become ingrained in your mindset and prevent you from realizing your best self.

Whether those experiences were instances of bullying from others or self-inflicted chastisement, they can have life-long impacts. The key is to release those past experiences and stop repeating the same old story.

Tune into ‘Naturally Savvy’ radio for this month’s segment with Shaman Isabella Stoloff, with her suggestions for mastering your own mind!