Create a new kind of Christmas!

By now I am sure you have heard a million Christmas jingles and advertisements to buy more then you need. Everyone is caught up in the over spend drive that has been a part of our reality longer then we care to admit. But what if we created a new kind of Christmas? One where we cleared out things we did not need and gave them away to charity. What if instead of running around to all the malls and special sales we stayed home with our kids and talked, or made presents, or cooked together or just sat and read out loud.
New Age Christmas
My Christmas wish for myself and everyone who wishes to join me is to spend time with those I love doing nothing, just being, loving the energy of staying home and hanging out.
This holiday season do something different. Turn off the commercials and talk to your loved ones. Make vision boards and create positive vibes, look in their eyes and truly connect.
In doing this you can start a new tradition, a tradition that does not include having the newest this or the biggest that. You can create a tradition of love

Living in the present moment of NOW!

Living in the moment of nowEvery time I come back from Peru, it always feels like I have to play catch-up, all the while wishing I could just fade into the distance-away, from the traffic, sights and sounds of the life I live. But the truth is I am ever so grateful for where I live, and the life I have created for myself. For years I asked myself how am I ever going to get to where I need to be? Always fretting about the future, thinking about the past. It has all been a constant lesson to live in the NOW. But how do we live in the NOW? I have found it is just a gentle reminder. Gently remind yourself why you like to live in the now. How does it make you feel not worrying about the future or feeling guilty about the past? It makes me feel incredible, so that’s what I do. I gently remind myself, and bring myself back to the present moment of NOW. I look outside and see the beauty that surrounds me. I listen to a beautiful piece of music or go for a walk or talk with a friend. Take sometime today to honor the present moment of NOW, and LIVE your life to the fullest! Peace my friends.